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Our Team Founded in 1992, White Knight's primary focus is providing high-end clients with enterprise wide
end-to-end solutions across all vertical lines of business.

We offer specialized enterprise software development (Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Managed File Transfer (MFT), Reporting Services, Data Transformation Services,
security services, cloud based training, multimedia design and RIA applications that facilitate organizational assimilation of data in a highly cost and functionally effective manner.

We understand your industry. Our proven industry-tailored solutions help you meet the challenges of today's demanding global environment.

Our industry-focused consultants combine problem solving with innovative technology to effectively address your business and IT needs.

Insights come from experience and vice versa As the enterprise consultant, we have no shortage of insights. Insights we share with our clients and insights clients share with us.

Prepare for the future - Our industry points of view analyze the factors driving change in your industry and predict what it will look like down the road.

Dr. Peter J Santiago, President, CTODr. Peter J. Santiago, MS, MBA, PhD.
Dr. Peter Santiago is the founder and President of White Knight Consulting, Inc. Serving as CTO, CIO, Security Expert, Senior Engineer, Entrepreneur and Design/Architect with over 20 years of accountable experience in the industry.

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